How KLC Can Help

Kelly meets Jamie Oliver

Meeting Jamie Oliver for a writing assignment

KellyLouiseClark can provide the most appropriate writer for your project to ensure the best results.

  • If you require a writer with knowledge or experience of a specific topic, you can be sure we will match that need with the right professional. All writers are fully trained with many years of experience in areas such as newspaper journalism, magazine feature writing, technical writing, public relations and writing for the internet or advertisements.
  • Editors have worked with newspaper and magazine stories, corporate documents and publications and novels and have the sharpest eye to ensure your documents are word perfect.
  • And when it comes to PR, we have the experience of sitting on both sides of the fence and know what makes the type of story which gets into print and catches the attention of the audience you are targeting, whether in internal or external communications.

To discuss the communication services you require, please call 01245 237751 or 07979 811580 or email for an informal chat.