Freelance copywriting for jewellery mag

KLC supplies freelance articles to Mulberry Publications for its series of magazines each month.

The April issue of Jewellery Focus features an article by KLC on the gold scrapping craze. KLC interviewed a number of industry experts to put the investigative piece together.

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30-hour endurance match for students

Endurance was the name of the game as young anglers competed in a 30-hour carp match.

Seven students from Greensward Academy Angling Club – where KLC acts as Media Consultant – battled it out in the lengthy session at Churchgate Lakes, near Battlesbridge.

Mike Salisbury, who set up the club for students at Greensward Academy, in Greensward Lane, Hockley, said: “The match was barely a few minutes old when Liam Turner, from Year 10, bagged himself an 11lb 4oz mirror. He would shortly follow this with an 8lb 6oz grass carp and established an early lead.

“Keeping in the race was Kieron Lee who managed to land a 10lb 4oz mirror and an excellent personal best 18lb 8oz mirror.

“However, Liam was still catching well and extended his lead with a 14lb 10oz mirror. As dusk approached, rookie carper Jordan Bickford opened his account with an 8lb common and Jed Wightman managed to land his new personal best – a superb 13lb 9oz mirror.”

Even freezing fog throughout the night didn’t deter the youngsters.

Mr Salisbury said: “As dawn broke, Jordan Bickford was right back in it with a 12lb 9oz mirror. No sooner had he put this back, Liam Turner was extending his lead by banking two fish in quick succession. Kieron Lee was still keeping in touch with Liam, as he also managed two more fish during the early morning.

“As the end of the match approached, Liam was still in the lead, but there was to be late drama. Kieron Lee received two simultaneous runs with only 30 minutes to go, but unfortunately only managed to land one of the fish – an 11lb 1oz mirror. The fish he lost was almost certainly sizeable and could have proved a decisive point in the match. Nevertheless, Liam hung on and finished in first place with 85lbs 12oz.”

Alan Blair, operations director of sponsor Nash Tackle, presented Liam with a trophy, H-Gun Food Pack and some Chain Reaction bait.

As captor of the biggest fish, Kieron Lee received an H-Gun unhooking mat.

All students received a goody bag from Nash, including signed DVDs from Kevin Nash.

News of dementia research hits headlines

KLC is working in partnership with Dementia Adventure to raise awareness of what it’s like to live with dementia.

The cause is close to our hearts as Kelly Clark’s stepdad has Alzheimers at the age of 60.

Neil Mapes, of Dementia Adventure, has carried out some research into the benefits of green exercise in dampening down the symptoms of dementia.

Our press release – written free of charge – features on page 28 of the current issue of the Essex Enquirer newspaper. Take a look…

Outstanding education at Academy

Congratulations to KLC client Greensward Academy on its confirmation of being one of the top schools in the country!

press release promoting school news

Greensward Academy celebrates Ofsted success

Staff, governors, students and parents are celebrating after Ofsted inspectors awarded Greensward Academy, in Greensward Lane, Hockley, an “outstanding” report.

Just 13 per cent of secondary schools nationally achieve this standard.

The report said: “Greensward Academy provides outstanding value for money because it serves both its students and its community so well.

“The students enjoy their time there and leave with many personal attributes which will be of exceptional benefit to them in their future lives.

“Leaders of the academy have built an outstanding curriculum with a host of options, which is finely tuned to students’ individual needs. As a result, all students leave with good qualifications and the wider personal skills they need.”

As the lead school in the Academies Enterprise Trust, Greensward became the first high achieving school to join the academy programme in 2008 to work in conjunction with other schools to help raise educational standards.

Headteacher Debbie Stokes feels the glowing report confirms Greensward Academy has continued to achieve highly under this new programme.

She said: “I have always felt high achieving schools will continue to improve themselves while also helping others.

“This report makes that quite clear. We are over-the-moon with the results.”

The report also said students feel safe and behave well and that leaders constantly strive for further improvements.

National spotlight on Greensward

The national spotlight was put on Greensward Academy when it featured on ITV’s Daybreak breakfast show.

The programme was discussing the issue of three-quarters of parents surveyed taking their children out of school in an effort to go on cut-price holidays.

Greensward has just 0.35 per cent of unauthorised absences as a result of its five-term year, where the school is open for eight weeks and then closed for two.

The term structure was altered in 2000 to better meet the demand of modular courses and to avoid the summer learning loss.

A benefit of this system is that parents are able to take their children on cheaper holidays as their school breaks do not coincide with the majority of schools.

This low unauthorised absence figure earned the school an “outstanding” in its recent Ofsted report.

Chef’s Russian restaurant success

A KLC client who swapped Essex for Russia to help open a new restaurant has enjoyed the “experience of a lifetime”.

Chef client promotes new restaurant

Chef John Dicken braves the Russian winter

Chef John Dicken left behind his own bustling kitchen at Dickens Restaurant, at the Townsford mill, in Halstead, to head to Sakhalin, an island off the far eastern coast of Russia. He was invited there for a two-week visit to relaunch Café No1 restaurant against a background of Russian winter weather.

John, who trained at the Connaught Hotel in London and has run his own restaurants in his 37-year career, found the trip provided a wealth of new experiences and challenges.

He said: “It was so easy to be distracted by wanting to be a tourist and photograph everything. My first impression of the island as we flew in was of chunks of ice floating in the sea. I later learnt many fatalities are caused when the 15ft icicles melt and drop from the rooftops.”

However, the intrepid chef spent much of his time in the kitchen implementing the new menus he had designed and teaching the young kitchen team to create the new dishes. Photographs were taken of the finished dishes to act as reminders for the team when he left.  

He said: “I was helpless without my interpreter; no English was spoken by the kitchen team. But they made up for it by their hard work and dedication.  The head chef Tanya would arrive each morning impressively dressed from head to toe in fur before changing into her chef whites for a long day’s work. I was made to feel so welcome and I like to think that as a team we built up quite a bond in the time I was there.”

As John and his Russian team worked towards the opening night, he had to grapple with the availability of fresh produce and unfamiliar kitchen equipment.

At times, he was surprised at what he saw: “They don’t use plugs in the kitchen sinks, the water is allowed to just keep flowing. That is something which would never happen in my kitchen; it would give me sleepless nights!”

The local Russian media showed a keen interest in John and the relaunch of Café No1. His TV interviews made him a familiar face in the town.

He said: “I received such a warm reception from everyone. There is a real interest in food out there; the Russians have very healthy appetites, enjoying a full lunch and dinner most days. Domestic cooking is very important in the family, but increasingly they are looking to eat out – good news for Café No 1!”

John dined in the restaurant of Café No 1 at the end of his stay which made him feel proud and quite emotional as he reflected on what had been achieved by the Russian kitchen team against some very interesting odds.

The chef is now keen to return to fine tune the operation. He said: “I would love to return, always happy to repeat a trip of a lifetime!”

Front page promotion for client

Nurse and massage therapist client Rosemary Cunningham was so delighted with the first promotion KLC carried out for her for Valentine’s Day, she has placed a second article with us.

By offering a prize for Mother’s Day, we were able to secure her a quarter of a page of space in the Essex Enquirer, PLUS a front page link.

Our first promotion like this for Rosemary resulted in more than 65 people entering the competition, giving us direct access to their email contact details – gold dust data which would normally cost hundreds of pounds and can be used for further direct selling.

Take a look at the latest promotion in the current edition of the Enquirer, page 21.

Web copy delights catering client

KLC has this week completed writing 15 pages of text for Clarkes Catering’s brand new website.

Chef and company owner, Lee Clarke, employed KLC’s services after spending six months struggling to construct the text himself.

He said: “What can I say other than WOW! Even I want to book myself! 

“What Kelly has put together for my company’s new website is stunning. I can’t wait to see Kelly’s words put on to the website.

“I 100% recommed Kelly’s skill with words. If you’re thinking of using Kelly for your work, she will do a great job for you.

“Thanks, Kelly!”

And thank you Lee Clarke and Clarkes Catering for choosing to work with KLC!

Media work comes to life for students

GOSH, what a great experience!

Media students at Greensward Academy, in Greensward Lane, Hockley – where KLC acts as Media Consultant – stepped into the real world of work when they were commissioned to create a promotional DVD for a national cause.

It is the fourth year the school’s BTec media students have been asked to put together the work for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) thanks to ongoing links with Academy chair of governors, Trevor Fulcher

Mr Fulcher’s daughter, and Greensward student, Harriet was left with a fractured skull, broken collar bone, lacerated ear, bruised lung, facial paralysis and severe nerve damage after a car crashed into her head as she bent into a road to pick something up. GOSH saved her life.

Since the accident in 2004, Mr Fulcher has worked tirelessly to raise as much money as possible for the hospital.

The DVD made by Academy students will be used to encourage other schools and organisations around the country to raise funds.

He said: “We took our students up to Great Ormond Street where they were given a tour of the hospital before interviewing senior executives about what they are doing and how people can help to raise money. We also saw Alison Hammond of Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity fame visiting her niece so managed to get an interview with her, too.

“It is a great opportunity for our students to work on a real project for a real outcome. They got such a lot out of the experience and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The students interviewed members of the hospital’s fundraising team.

PR raises dementia support group’s profile

Charity press release on royal wedding published in local newspaper
The Echo publishes KLC article promoting dementia support group

The Royal wedding will bring the country together in celebration next month.

It is also hoped the happy event will help to raise the profile of Peaceful Place, the specialist support group based in Rochford for younger people with dementia.
The charity is very close to our hearts at KLC as Kelly Clark’s dear stepdad has Alzheimer’s at the age of 60 and relies on Peaceful Place as a lifeline.
So, we are really pleased with the half-page of publicity we managed to secure for the charity in the Echo newspaper, Southend.
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New club makes the headlines

School PR appears in local newspaper
KLC press release published in the Echo, Southend

The weekly fishing pages in the Echo newspaper, Southend, last week featured a KLC article on a new angling club launched at Greensward Academy, in Hockley.

KLC acts as Media Consultant to the school, visiting on a regular basis to report on the latest news and achievements.
In these tough times, it is vital to keep reminding parents what a great job your school is doing in order to attract new students for years to come.