More press coverage for cancer charity client

A second local newspaper has run with our story on cancer charity, the Alan Morement Memorial Fund, this week.

The Braintree & Witham Times has featured the KLC article promoting the work of the charity over the last ten years.

This follows on from the great coverage given to the piece in last week’s Essex Chronicle newspaper and really helps to raise the profile of the charity in Essex.

Take a look…

Great exposure for cancer charity client

Cancer charity PR
Half page coverage in Essex Chronicle newspaper

We are delighted this week with some great publicity gained for worthwhile cancer charity, The Alan Morement Memorial Fund (AMMF).

AMMF, which has worked tirelessly for ten years to fund research into rare liver cancer cholangiocarcinoma, has been trying without success to gain exposure for its work locally in Essex.
KLC secured a great half page article this week in the Essex Chronicle newspaper which should go a long way in raising awareness of this devastating illness and the work of the charity.

Internal comms award shortlist for KLC!

Supermarket internal magazine

Kelly Clark with a copy of the supermarket's internal mag

We are very proud to learn our giant supermarket client’s internal magazine has been shortlisted for an Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) award.

KLC acts as Content Manager and Chief Writer for this bi-monthly magazine, which is distributed around the UK to colleagues in stores and depots.

The IoIC is the UK’s leading professional body for in-house, freelance and agency staff involved in internal communications. Its judges gave an impressive score of 24 out of 25 for the magazine.

Fingers crossed for success at the IoIC Awards dinner on June 17, 2011, at the Hilton Park Lane Hotel, London!

£200k cancer funding is father’s legacy

cancer charity PR

Alan Morement

A charity set up by an Essex man’s family after his death from a rare cancer has been officially recognised by the NHS as a UK first.

Alan Morement was just 52 when he died ten years ago from cholangiocarcinoma, a liver cancer occurring within the bile ducts.

The disease, although considered rare, is diagnosed in 1,500 people each year in the UK where it claims more lives per annum than cervical cancer.

When Alan was diagnosed, there was little information available and so his family vowed to improve awareness and boost research into the illness which has no specific treatment.

His widow, Helen, of Little Bardfield, said: “Alan realised it would not help him, but knowing so little was being done to find the causes of cholangiocarcinoma and effective treatments for it, he particularly wanted to use the skills and the opportunities we had in our marketing and advertising business to fundraise to get this research started.”

The Alan Morement Memorial Fund (AMMF – The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity) – a KLC client – was launched after Alan’s death and works to raise funds for research into the disease.

Having raised £200,000 which has been given as grants to various research teams in London, Birmingham and Southampton, the charity is now listed by NHS Choices as the “only dedicated UK charity” in this field. It also praises the charity’s website as “a good resource”.

Since the increase in the incidence of this cancer was flagged, preliminary research has begun, some of which is being funded by AMMF.

This year, AMMF is hoping to fund a Research Fellow at Imperial College who will continue the work.

Helen said: “AMMF’s current objectives are not only to raise awareness and to raise funds for research, but to provide information to those who need it. Many months have gone into the creation of a new website which, it is intended, will provide a one-stop shop for all matters cholangiocarcinoma. The charity was delighted to receive a £1,000 grant from the St James’s Place Foundation to help with the website production.

“Alan’s lasting legacy is AMMF, with its aim to raise the awareness of cholangiocarcinoma, support research and help others find information, in the hope that in time other futures are not destroyed by this devastating disease.”

To help fundraise for the charity, call 01371 811811 or email or find AMMF on Facebook.

What is cholangiocarcinoma?

Cholangiocarcinoma is a cancerous growth in one of the ducts which carries bile from the liver to the small intestine.

It presents late meaning the disease prognosis is poor. The risk factors, causes and pathology remain insufficiently understood and treatment options are limited.

Apprenticeship scheme benefits everyone

PR promoting apprenticeship scheme

Apprentice Jeni with new boss Paul

While her friends have mounting debt and another year of university ahead, one apprentice is already enjoying a successful career.

Jeni Harding is one of hundreds of young people taking the “old-fashioned” route of an apprenticeship into her chosen industry.

With the recession leaving many struggling to find employment anywhere, let alone in their dream role, Jeni decided against going to university, instead opting to get straight into the workplace.

Now, at just 20, she has completed her apprenticeship and has been employed as a full-time web developer by Space & Time Design, a highly-skilled Chelmsford-based web and graphic design agency.

She said: “My friends went to university as they didn’t know what else to do; they were not told about the alternative options, such as an apprenticeship scheme. People seem to think you can walk into any job when you have a degree, but that’s not true right now and many graduates are struggling to find work. I learnt my trade in a busy, modern, commercial environment, while being paid £95 per week – my friends are being paid nothing and are getting into debt.”

Jeni started her apprenticeship in September 2009 as a trainee web developer, completing coursework alongside her day-to-day role. She achieved her NVQ level three IT Users qualification in December 2010, successfully securing a permanent role with Space & Time Design.

She said: “I have learnt so much. I would never be at this level by now had I gone to uni. I am able to build and develop commercial websites and deal day-to-day with our clients. It’s such a thrill when clients call up and ask for me.”

Many more young people will take advantage of apprenticeship schemes this year as Essex County Council has announced plans to place and fund an additional 1,250 by 2012.

But it’s not just the apprentice who benefits.

Jeni was the first apprentice to be taken on by Space & Time Design, but she will not be the last as the company has seen the real benefits in working with apprentices.

Susan MacLennan, sales and marketing manager, said: “For the apprentice, this is a great way to get into a company and prove themselves within a commercial real-world environment, learning at a faster pace and using up-to-date technology and techniques for real clients with real deadlines.

“For us as a company, we get sent so many CVs, it is hard to know whether you are picking the right candidate. Someone may have all A* grades and a first class degree, but it doesn’t make them a commercially viable employee.”

The apprenticeship scheme has allowed Space & Time Design to find an ideal member of staff who hasn’t picked up any bad habits from a non-commercial teaching environment.

But, the scheme is a two-way partnership.

Paul Wood, managing director, said: “You have to be prepared to spend time training your apprentice from scratch, but this does enable you to train them in the correct way for your business and with a commercial direction to the training.

“Having just gone through a major rebrand, Space & Time Design is now focusing heavily within the digital design and development market, creating fantastic web and digital media for our clients. Having Jeni on board has made our transition far smoother. Since she has been here, Jeni has also taken responsibility for ensuring the company and our clients are on top of the latest social media trends.”


Mums revamp the girls’ night out!

PR for new events company

Tracy and Leigh from Karmic Events

Two Essex mums are revolutionising the girls’ night out – and KLC are helping to promote their efforts.

Leigh Acteson-Rook and Tracy Wilson each have two children, but are still keen to go out occasionally and let their hair down and dance.

Unable to find the fun and social atmosphere they were looking for, they decided to launch their own party nights, bringing a touch of the trends and culture found in London to Essex.

Leigh, a yoga instructor from Braintree, said: “I don’t get out that often, so when I do go out I really want to dance!

“Tracy and I met when we were both expecting our first children and have been friends ever since. Just because we are mums and have grown out of clubbing doesn’t mean we don’t want to party once in a while!

“We want everyone to come along to our events and have a great time and, most importantly, have fun.”

Karmic Events was born with the aim of bringing alternative party nights to Essex and give people a taste of the diverse classes available in the region.

Their first event in November – a Zumba Party Night at the Waterfront Place, in Chelmsford, with instructor Joani St Cliere – was a huge success.

This is being followed by Club Belly Dance, at the same venue, on Saturday May 14. The party will start with a 20-minute performance by Deana Lawman of Tribal Unity, based in Basildon, before a two-hour workshop.

Tracy, a full-time mum from Chelmsford, said: “For the ticket price of just £18, you will get a great night out, including a tasty traditional Meze and mocktail. The bar will also stay open until midnight enabling everyone to make a real night of it.

“But don’t worry, you needn’t get your belly out if you don’t want to. This form of dance is for real women with real-life bodies! We want people to come along and feel comfortable and just have fun with friends!

“It is going to be a great night with fantastic music!”

Tribal belly dance can help you to discover and appreciate the strength, grace and beauty of your body, no matter your age, shape or size.

Future events will include Club Bollywood, Club Flamenco, Club Yoga and Club Salsa – all of which can also be designed as hen parties or corporate events.

Visit or call Leigh on 07723 321818 or Tracy on 07941 353279 or email for more information or to register for Club Belly Dance.

Charity gears up for Royal wedding

Our chosen charity, Peaceful Place, is gearing up for a right royal knees up to celebrate the big wedding.

The charity for younger people with dementia in Essex has a host of events planned in the coming weeks to raise its profile as well as some much-needed funds.

KLC acts as PR Manager for the charity free of charge as it is a cause very close to our hearts. See Charity page for more information.

Check out our latest piece of publicity, published in this month’s Oracle magazine, page 9.

News spreads of Russian adventure

KLC client John Dicken has made the headlines again after he returned from opening a restaurant in Russia.

Our article revealing all about his two-week trip appeared in the Braintree & Witham Times newspaper.

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