Academy’s profile continues to rise

Greensward Academy band
Article on school band appears in Echo newspaper

In our role as Media Consultant for the Academies Enterprise Trust, it is our responsibility to gain as much positive publicity for the Greensward Academy, in Hockley, Essex, as possible.

We visit regularly to get to know the teachers and their work and release several press releases each month to the local newspapers.
Our latest article, promoting the school band’s first national gig, appeared in the Echo newspaper this week.

Extended member of team

We have acted as Media Consultant for Greensward Academy, in Hockley, Essex, for more than two years. We regularly spend time on site, gathering news items to submit to the local media.

Headteacher Debbie Stokes provided us with this wonderful testimonial:

“Kelly has worked with Greensward Academy for the past two years to support us with publicity of our events and image in the community.

“Kelly is a very flexible member of our extended Greensward team and has produced well written articles in a very short time scale.  Due to her great contacts, her success rate with the local newspapers in getting these articles printed has been a huge improvement on any other press officer who has worked with Greensward over the years. 

“I thoroughly recommend Kelly to you.”

Keeping Academy in the headlines

School PR Essex
Students’ success featured in local newspaper

In our role as Media Consultant for the Academies Enterprise Trust, we help schools to raise their profile in the local Essex press.

We regularly visit the schools, get to know the teachers, staff and pupils and issue press releases to the local press.
The Government grants several thousand pounds for every new pupil a school attracts, so keeping positive publicity flowing is vitally important.
Our latest article promotes the success of Greensward Academy art students, in Hockley. The article appeared in the Echo newspaper.

Databases finally hit the headlines

We’re pleased to find our PR campaign to get the “dull” topic of computer databases into the headlines has got off to a great start.

Client GT Software Solutions, based in Brentwood, had previously struggled to find a way of successfully raising interest in this side of their business.

The article, written by our journalist, looked at the human side of the topic, asking GT’s clients how databases are helping their businesses.

Take a look at our article on a community news website…

Dry topic brought to life through PR

Freelance journalist Chelmsford
Phil and Tony Scott with their tailormade database

When your business is design, it’s easy to show what you can do for a client. But, how do you promote a more technical service, like databases?

That was the challenge client GT Software Solutions, based in Brentwood, brought to us recently. They found contacts switched off when they mentioned the word database and wondered if there was any way to spark interest in this dry topic.
Working with GT’s own clients, our journalist was able to craft a timely, interesting business story featuring real life examples of their work.

Let the food do the advertising


food review, freelance journalist
Lamb burgers at Windmill Tavern

We recently started carrying out restaurant reviews around Essex.

With our links to local websites and magazines, we are able to generate far-reaching publicity as a result of the reviews carried out by our journalist.
The latest review took us to the Windmill Tavern, in East Hanningfield.
See how our journalist got on by reading the review here…Review – Windmill Tavern

PR and advertising targets core audience

PR Essex
Our article appears in Colchester 101 magazine

Our client The Natural Pedicure Company was keen to raise its profile in the two Essex towns it serves, Braintree and Colchester.

Knowing customers would be unlikely to travel from outside of these areas, we advised targeting the Colchester 101 magazine.
Our article, written by our journalist, appears in the November issue of the magazine, alongside an advert we were able to secure on behalf of our client.