Newspaper article promotes client’s weight-loss group

A KLC client is set to launch a unique weight-management class in Chelmsford this week.

The Mind over Weight course will use hypnotherapy to change people’s views about food and weight.

An article, written by our journalist, appears in the current issues of the Enquirer newspaper.

Take a look…Mind over Weight

PR steps for charity

A PR campaign close to our hearts is gathering pace.

The second-cousin of our journalist Kelly is battling leukaemia at the age of 18 months. A charity auction and sponsored walk have been organised to raise money for the charity supporting the family.

Take a look at the article, written by our journalist, on community website About My Area here…

Appeal close to our heart

Our beautiful cousin Maddison
Our beautiful cousin Maddison

KLC is helping a cause very close to our heart this week.

Maddison Webb is second-cousin to our journalist Kelly and is battling leukaemia.
A charity auction is being held in her name to raise funds for the charity which is helping her and her parents through this nightmare time.
Please read the full story here and get involved however you can, thank you…Maddison’s Miles