Schools shout about PR

NRA news board

NRA news board

We were delighted this week to see our hard work put to great use during a school open evening. The value of positive publicity was displayed to parents visiting our client, New Rickstones Academy, in Witham, Essex. This news board takes pride of place in the entrance foyer to the school, reminding parents, staff and students of the great work going on within the school. We specialise in offering PR services to schools in and around Essex.

Team GB help with school PR

Chloe Rogers at Greensward Academy

We specialise in school PR. Our journalist spends time in schools on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, building relationships with staff and establishing positive news stories to release to their local press.

Positive news stories can range from brilliant results and interesting classes to school trips and visitors. This week saw our journalist spend time at Greensward Academy, in Hockley, Essex, when Team GB medallist Chloe Rogers paid a visit to students. As part of our role as Media Consultant, it is our job to invite the local press to send their photographers along to events such as this. So, here is Echo newspaper photographer Anna Lukala taking photos of Chloe with students to appear in the Southend newspaper’s school sports pages next week. With social media growing rapidly, the photographer also took photos to put instantly onto the newspaper’s Twitter feed. It’s vital schools gain this type of positive publicity to keep their reputations good and to inspire parents to send their students to them for their education.Journalist Kelly with Chloe Rogers