Holocaust survivor brings lessons to life

Kelly with Holocaust survivor Leslie Kleinman

Kelly with Holocaust survivor Leslie Kleinman

By the very nature of our business, we are faced every day with fascinating stories. We have the opportunity to meet many interesting people whose stories we share with the local press. This week, our journalist attended our regular fortnightly PR clinic at The Helena Romanes School, in Great Dunmow, Essex. Although, this was no ordinary visit. Year 9 students were given a emotion-charged account of the Holocaust from one of the few remaining survivors, Leslie Kleinman. The now 84-year-old told how he helplessly watched as his mother, three brothers and four sisters were marched off to the gas chambers at Auschwitz…and never heard of them or saw them again. Students listened intently as he spoke for an hour and a half about his very vivid memories, before questioning him yet further about the things he saw and experienced. What an experience, not only for those students to hear details first-hand, but also for our journalist who was grateful for the opportunity of meeting Leslie.

Rapid response to press release

Successful PR is all about writing a strong story and having the best contacts.

That’s why, when we released an article on a client’s rapid rise to success, it appeared on a worldwide news website within minutes.

Estuary Logistics, based in Basildon, Essex, has become a multi-million pound global company in just a matter of months.

KLC was asked to publicise this wonderful story and so our journalist interviewed the owner and released an article to local newspapers, radio and TV channels and online news sites.

The response was immediate, with a request from the local daily newspaper for an interview with the entrepreneur as well as coverage of the article on a news website.

Take a look at our journalist’s story on the About My Area website…


Recession? What recession?

James Circus with his management team at Estuary Logistics

James Circus with his management team at Estuary Logistics

How lovely to start off a new year with some positive news to publish.KLC was approached by Estuary Logistics, in Basildon, Essex, who were keen to gain some publicity for their amazing story of beating the recession.The company, which was only launched 18 months ago, is already trading globally and making millions of pounds.Our journalist interviewed the company owner and has released an article to local newspapers, radio, websites and television stations.Have a read of their story here…Estuary Logistics success