Brochure highly praised by client

There’s nothing better than a client telling you your work has earnt wonderful results.

We have worked with Maltings Academy, in Witham, Essex, for a number of years, providing weekly PR services.

Our journalist recently recommended they put the many positive news stories we write about them into a bright and colourful news brochure to share with their existing and prospective parents. We worked with one of our partner design agencies ( to produce their very first brochure of this type to be presented at their recent open evening.


Maltings Academy brochure, produced by KLC

Principal John Szynal was delighted with the results: “Just to let you know the new brochure you produced, Spotlight on Maltings, has been met with great acclaim from staff, students, parents and all visitors.
“On our open evening, they all went and I had lots of comments praising the magazine.” If you would like to discuss how simple it is to produce a brochure for your school or business, drop us a line at

Completing the wedding story

Freelance journalist Essex

The luxurious cliffside cabanas at Likya Gardens Hotel, Turkey

For the last few months, we’ve been providing regular features on journalist Kelly’s wedding planning for the I Do supplement of the Essex Chronicle newspaper.We have completed the story by supplying a write-up on Kelly’s luxurious honeymoon to Turkey.The article tells how difficult it can be deciding where to take your first trip as Mr and Mrs and what’s important when choosing a location.

Read all about Mr and Mrs Robertson’s idyllic honeymoon here…Honeymoon feature



Every day is a school day

We’re pleased to have all of our school clients back for the start of the new school year.

But, our work for our school clients did not stop over the summer break. Our journalist attended summer schools, activity days and, of course, A-level and GCSE results days throughout the holidays.

Throughout September and October, all of our secondary schools hold open days to encourage prospective students and their parents to select them. So, as much positive publicity during the weeks and months leading up to this critical time is vital. This is where having a PR Manager for a school can become invaluable as they compete against other schools for new starters.

Take a look at just a couple of the pieces of publicity we secured for three of our school clients during the summer…

BMA GCSE results in Harlow Star

MA summer school in Essex Chronicle

NRA detective club in Witham Times

If you know of a school which could benefit from some positive publicity, drop us a line at to discuss.

Looking to produce a brochure?


Brochures produced by KLC

As professional copywriters with backgrounds in newspaper and magazine editing, we are able to produce high-quality brochures for our clients.Working closely with our designers, our journalist gathers all the necessary information and imagery together and plans the best lay-out for your publication.If you believe you haven’t the time to put a brochure together for your business or school, let KLC take the whole workload off your hands. We can handle the whole process, gaining an outline of your requirements at the start and presenting you with final proofs at the end for approval.Brochures are a wonderful way of showing potential clients or parents exactly what you are offering. Our most recent brochure was the very first news brochure for our client, Maltings Academy, in Witham, Essex. The publication will be handed out to prospective parents during their open day and contains articles on the many wonderful events and achievements at the school from the last year.Drop us a line to discuss your requirements on

Small ad = big publicity

Many of our clients turn to us after many months and years of unsuccessful advertising. When they look at their return on investment, they sometimes see they are getting nothing back, other than maybe an awareness of their business.

But, sometimes, to get a newspaper or magazine to give over a large amount of space to your news, there needs to be some give and take.

When our client D Glick opticians, in Wickford, Essex, wanted some large coverage for their latest range of trendy glasses and to promote their highly skilled staff, we suggested a combination of PR and advertising was the answer.

By taking out just a small advert in the Essex Enquirer newspaper this week, we were able to agree for a feature, written by our journalist, to be given good coverage on the same page.

Take a look at our article and the D Glick advert in this week’s newspaper here…

D Glick opticians in Essex Enquirer

Two-page KLC wedding spread

Freelance journalist Essex

Our spread in An Essex Wedding magazine

Every girl dreams of having her wedding splashed across the pages of a glossy magazine. Our journalist, Kelly, is thrilled the latest issue of An Essex Wedding magazine has dedicated two pages to her recent big day!We have been providing a regular column to the magazine over the last few months, detailing the planning process of Kelly’s wedding, providing PR opportunities for lots of suppliers along the way.Take a look at the latest article here…An Essex Wedding spread 1 of 2

An Essex Wedding spread 2 of 2

Thanks to photographer for providing images for the article.