From KLC to JLS!

Journalist Kelly with popstar Hatty Keane

Journalist Kelly with popstar Hatty Keane

As we write this, popstar Hatty Keane is preparing to head off on the 19-day JLS farewell tour. The singer is the support act who will perform in front of the many thousands of fans attending concerts around the UK. But, before she started packing for the first date in Belfast on December 1, she performed at KLC client school, The Helena Romanes School, in Great Dunmow, Essex. As media consultant for the school, we were there to report on the popstar’s work to show youngsters you don’t need to drink or do drugs to be cool. Before taking to the stage, Hatty had a chat with our journalist, Kelly. We look forward to seeing an article on the event, written by our journalist, appear in the local press. Good luck with your first arena tour, Hatty!

KLC publicises village speeding campaign

Our photo which made the front page

Our photo which made the front page

We were delighted this week to be able to help villagers to raise awareness of their speed watch campaign. Residents in Ford End, Chelmsford, are battling to get traffic calming measures put in place on the busy road which cuts through their village. It was our pleasure to arrange for our contacts at the Dunmow Broadcast newspaper to send a reporter and photographer along to the village to cover the story. Our journalist arranged to get residents together for a photo and to give comments to the newspaper reporter. We also attended the community speed watch shift to take the photo above, which made it on to the Broadcast’s front page. Take a look at the coverage…Dunmow Broadcast – speed watch coverage

Getting school news in print

Are you a school looking to boost its reputation or keep its name at the forefront of prospective parents’ minds?

KLC can help!

With many years of experience in newspaper journalism, our journalist is able to seek out, write and gain publicity for your positive news. The pressure is taken off of your staff who have maybe tried and failed to earn the school regular publicity. We know how the editors want the articles written, when they want them submitted and who wants to receive them.

We have worked with numerous schools over the last five years who have greatly benefitted from our PR services, and still do.

Take a look at the most recent articles, written by our journalist, and printed in local newspapers…

Burnt Mill news in Harlow Star

More Burnt Mill news in Harlow Star

Freshwaters news in Harlow Star

Maltings news in Witham Times

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National issue gets local publicity

Localising a national story is a great way of attracting publicity in your local media.

Our client, D Glick Opticians, in Wickford, Essex, was keen to get behind the national Road Safety Week campaign to make our roads safer.

Optician Derek Glick advised drivers and pedestrians to keep their eyes in check to avoid causing accidents on the road.

The article, written by our journalist, achieved great publicity both in print and on online news channels.

Take a look…

Road Safety Week in Echo

Working together with the press

Newspaper journalists can be scary. Not many people would be confident answering the phone to a journalist and happily chatting. The stereotype surrounding newspaper journalism goes before them and creates an uneasy feeling in many faced with a reporter.

At KLC, we are newspaper journalists. We are newspaper editors. And, most importantly, we’re not scared of the press!

Clients employ our PR services because of this and because we know how the local press works.

So, when one of our school clients was keen to make closer personal links with their local newspaper, we invited the big bad wolf along for a meeting! The result was a wonderfully positive page four article on New Rickstones Academy, in Witham, Essex, in the Witham Times – plus a front page plug!

Take a look… BWT interview NRA headteacher

The moral to this story is, working together with the press gains far better results for everybody than running away scared of them. They can help you and you can help them by filling their pages with stories.

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KLC getting school news in print

HRS head boy and girl

Braintree & Witham Times

Charity walk

Charity walk news story

For many of our clients, our aim is to get their name in print to keep their profile raised and their reputation good.  Working with many schools in and around Essex, our journalist provides dozens of articles each week and month to a range of local media in the hope of gaining positive publicity.  We know what editors are looking for and we know how the stories need to be written to gain instant exposure. We do not provide a classic press release, we supply an article that is complete and ready to go in the right style and with the necessary photos.

MA in the Witham Times

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Optician client supports Road Safety Week

This month saw road safety charity Brake urge businesses and organisations to get behind their Road Safety Week.

Our client, D Glick Opticians, based in Wickford, Essex, supported the campaign and urged everyone to get their eyes tested, whether driver or pedestrian, to help keep our roads safer.

Glick road glare
Road glare experienced by person with cataracts

Commenting on or getting behind a national issue is an ideal way of gaining local publicity. By being a local spokesperson for a cause, you are giving the local press a relevant angle to a larger story.

Have a read of the story here…

Road Safety Week advice from D Glick Opticians




School interview for online news channel

We are proud of the many schools we represent and are always keen to get people seeing them in the most positive of lights.

So, when online news channel approached us about featuring the headteacher of our client school Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow, Essex, in a video interview, we were delighted to accommodate the request.

Our journalist, who acts as Media Consultant for the school, facilitated the interview with headteacher Helena Mills, ensuring the most important messages and angles were covered.

Take a look at the report here…

It can be daunting to speak to the press, even if you are keen to get your story across. If you are struggling to get your story out there or would rather not speak directly to the press, drop us a line at to discuss how our journalist can handle the whole process on your behalf.