KLC journalist’s review for newspaper

We work very closely with regional media contacts in and around Essex to ensure we can offer a successful PR service.


As part of that relationship, we often provide newspaper reporting services for the Essex Chronicle publication.

The most recent commission saw our journalist attend and report on a wine tasting event with the East Anglian Wine School.

The article appears in the current edition of the newspaper and gives some brilliant publicity to the wine school.

Read the article here… Wine tasting – Essex Chronicle

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Online news channel picks up KLC story

As times change, we expect to pick up our news in various different ways. It’s no longer just about newspapers, radio and television. That’s why, at KLC we are in close contact with online news channels, too.

We appreciate many of us turn to the internet these days to find out what’s going on in our neighbourhoods. So, when KLC client school Roydon Primary School, in Harlow, Essex, wanted to promote its road safety campaign, we turned to online news channel YourHarlow to cover the story.

YourHarlow filming

The channel’s editor came along to the school, along with our journalist, to interview and photograph the headteacher and her governeors about the story.

Take a look at the resulting publicity here…


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Sport pages full of KLC client

We’re delighted this week to see one of our school clients dominating the back pages of their local newspaper.

This week’s Harlow Star newspaper carries two stories, written by our journalist, on the sporting success of client school Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow, Essex.

school publicity

The stories make the back page lead and the inside back page lead, giving wonderful publicity for our client.

Take a look….

Harlow Star back page

Harlow Star inside back page

We act as Media Consultant for this and many other schools, writing and releasing positive stories to the local media. If your school could benefit from this type of publicity, drop us a line on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our flexible PR services.