A-level results day keeps KLC journalist busy

Exam results days are always exciting for KLC with our many school clients.


Our journalist spends both exam results days – for A-levels and GCSEs – in close contact with all of our school clients, whether on site or over email and phone. We also invite the local press to send their reporters and photographers along.


For those schools we visit, we interview happy students, take their photos and get their story out to the press as soon as possible. With the internet being the first port of call for news nowadays, each publication is keen to get the results in as early as possible so they can publish their online stories.

Within minutes of us releasing our stories, the following publications ran with them…

Maltings Academy in Essex Chronicle… http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/level-results-Maltings-student-celebrates-getting/story-22732920-detail/story.html

Maltings Academy in Witham Times…  http://www.braintreeandwithamtimes.co.uk/news/11409612.Witham_teenagers_celebrate_top_A_level_results___55__gain_A__to_B_grades/?ref=var_0

Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow Star… http://www.harlowstar.co.uk/level-results-Year-10-Burnt-Academy-student-picks/story-22731114-detail/story.html

The Helena Romanes School in Dunmow Broadcast…  http://www.dunmowbroadcast.co.uk/news/a_levels_overall_a_c_pass_rate_at_helena_romanes_dips_slightly_on_2013_but_top_performers_excel_1_3726284

The Helena Romanes School in Essex Chronicle…  http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/Helena-Romanes-School-student-15-gets-grade-level/story-22734081-detail/story.html

The Helena Romanes School in Braintree & Witham Times…  http://www.braintreeandwithamtimes.co.uk/news/11409512.Helena_Romanes_School_in_Dunmow_sees_67__pupils_pass_with_top_A_level_grades/

The schools also used the copy, written by our journalist, on their own websites…

Maltings Academy website… https://sites.google.com/a/maltingsacademy.org/mainsite/news/delightat996sixthformpassrate

Congratulations to all of our school clients on their A-level results!

If you would like help promoting your school’s exam results, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss.


Brochures help schools share news

One product we offer to our school clients is the news brochure.

It offers a great way to put a school’s good news stories in one place and acts as a wonderful piece of promotion to prospective parents.

Before the summer break, we produced the second issue of Burnt Mill Academy’s news brochure, Fiducia, which was delivered to parents and prospective parents around Harlow, Essex.

news brochure

The publication is designed to sit alongside a school’s prospectus, giving parents a simple way to see what goes on at the school, without the need to plough through heavy articles or facts and figures. Seeing pages of smiling faces while children take part in fun and educational activities, achieving high results is often all a parent wants and needs to know.

Take a look at the first two issues here….

BMA Fiducia Spring 2014

BMA Fiducia Summer 2014

If you are interested in discussing a news brochure for your school or organisation, drop us an email on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk

Thanks to www.falconpress.com for the design, print and delivery of these brochures.