Academies to recognise students’ achievements

And the winner is…

Students from across Essex’s four Academies are planning their speeches in preparation for the second annual Oscar-style ceremony.

The Academies Enterprise Trust Awards will take place on Monday February 7 at the Cliffs Pavilion, in Southend.

Star students and staff from Greensward Academy, Hockley; Maltings Academy and New Rickstones Academy, both in Witham; and Clacton Coastal Academy, in Clacton; will be awarded for their efforts with seven trophies up for grabs for each school.

Host Jamie Benson, head of sixth form at Greensward, said: “We will be presenting community awards, specialism awards, services to the Academy awards, world class achievement awards, courage and team awards, plus awards for staff input.

“Staff and students have been nominated for these accolades and the winners will not be known until the night when the headteachers of each Academy will make the presentations.”

On the night, each Academy will perform a ten-minute music, drama or dance piece, before joining together to perform to We Are The Champions.

There will also be a display of art, photography and textiles work from students in the foyer.

The new London Academies have also been invited along to hear about their Essex counterparts’ achievements.

Mr Benson said: “This is about celebrating the success of the past year in areas not normally recognised by academic achievement.

“It is good to see what goes on at other schools and for the students to mix and become friends.”

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