PR for corporate clients, too!

We talk a lot at KLC about our work with our many school clients. But, it’s not all about them, we also help corporate clients to spread the word about their businesses.

When mortgage advisers Zing Money came to us wanting to raise their profile after their rebrand, we simply spent some time with them to work out a catchy angle. It can take some skill to come up with a readable article about mortgages, as Zing Money knows all too well. They had tried themselves to get publicity for their work, with little success.

During our chat, it was mentioned the company provides its new home-owners with a welcome pack, including tea and coffee and loo roll – and we had our angle!

We’re pleased to see the article, written by our journalist, appeared in their local newspaper, the Echo in Southend, as well as on far-reaching news website, About My Area.

Take a look at the coverage here….

Zing Money news in the Echo

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