National publicity for multi-academy trust

We work closely with education publication editors who regularly turn to KLC to provide features focusing on our school clients.

So, when we were approached by Teachwire – the online publication which supplies resources, news, products and comment from the world of education – to produce some content around the school closures due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we were happy to oblige.

We turned to our client The Sigma Trust, which looks after 12 primary and secondary schools in north Essex.

Our journalist – Kelly Clark – spoke with heads at the four primaries within the Trust, as well as the CEO, to bring together a 2,000-word feature.

Have a read here… Teachwire

We have also promoted the Trust’s schools in the past by arranging for their teachers to write mock lesson plans to appear in national magazine, Teach Secondary

Teach Secondary – The Stanway School

Teach Secondary – The Stanway School

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Producing news magazines for our clients

At KLC, we are extremely proud of the news magazines we produce for our clients.

Having a background in journalism and editing, we are well placed – with our design and print partner – to quickly and easily produce publications of all sizes and specs.

Throughout the term, we collect news stories from our many school clients which we share with the local, national and education media. To get the maximum use and exposure for the articles, we also produce news magazines which are delivered to parents, employees and stakeholders of our client schools.

The magazines provide a wonderful accompaniment to the traditional school prospectus; with the prospectus providing the facts and figures and the “need to know” information about a school and our magazines sharing the smiling faces and the nitty gritty of what goes on within our schools.

Take a look at just some of the school news magazines we have produced for our clients recently…

The Hilly High for Hillyfield Primary Academy, in Walthamstow…

Sigma News (parent version and staff version) for The Sigma Trust, Essex…

Spotlight for Maltings Academy and New Rickstones Academy, in Witham, Essex…

Trinity Magazine for Trinity Primary Academy, in Wood Green, London…

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KLC news magazines keep parents in touch with client schools

Each term, we produce news magazines to keep parents up-to-date with what is happening in their child’s school. Individual schools and multi-academy trusts love being able to show their parents all of the wonderful things being achieved within their schools and by their pupils. Our magazines are a great way of doing that.

Our journalist, designer and printer work together to take the whole operation out of the hands of our clients, liaising at the beginning and at the end to ensure a smooth operation with appropriate, lively, positive content.

These are just some of the most recent news magazines we have produced, for Trinity Primary Academy, in Wood Green, London; The Sigma Trust, in north Essex; the BMAT multi-academy trust, in Essex and east London; and Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton, London.

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School news magazines and internal communications

While schools produce prospectuses to communicate vital facts and figures with interested parents, we believe sharing lots of wonderful news stories is an even better way to sell a school.

That’s where our school news magazines come in. We produce eight or 16-page news magazines for our school clients, packed full with positive news articles and smiley photos of children achieving and happy.

For some of our multi-academy trust clients, we also handle their internal communications by producing an alternative news magazine with updates for colleagues across their organisation.

Take a look at just some of our recent publications, for Trinity Primary Academy in Wood Green, London; the Sigma Trust in north Essex; and Nightingale Academy in Edmonton, London…

At KLC, we take on the entire process of gathering and writing the content, collecting images, designing and printing the publications for our clients. All our clients have to do is approve the design before it goes off to print.

If your school or multi-academy trust could benefit from this kind of communication with existing or prospective parents or its employees, get in touch on to discuss.

Preparing for a new school year

In just a few days’ time, our schools will once again be full of life and buzzing for a fresh new academic year ahead.

While the summer has meant a break for many students, our client schools have still been busy with summer schools, exam results days and training days which means we have been kept busy, too.

We work closely with schools in and around Essex and London to provide PR services, to produce news magazines and to fill school websites with stories and articles.

Take a look at just some of the recent publicity we have secured for our school clients…

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy – Harlow Star

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy – YourHarlow

Clacton County High School – Essex Life

Nightingale Academy – Enfield Independent

Nightingale Academy – Enfield Independent

Nightingale Academy – Enfield Independent online

Parents within our school communities are kept up-to-date with our news magazines…

If your school is looking to improve its communication with parents, prospective parents and staff this academic year, get in touch on to discuss our flexible PR and copywriting services.


Glowing national publicity for school client

We are thrilled with this three-page glowing report in a national publication on client school Clacton County High School, arranged by KLC.

We invited the editor of national education magazine Teach Secondary to visit our client school to write an in-depth feature on her views of what she found at the Sigma Trust secondary.

Our journalist escorted the editor and photographer around the school as every aspect of the teaching and learning and future plans was put under the microscope.

Have a read of the full article here…

Clacton County High School – Teach Secondary p1

Clacton County High School – Teach Secondary p2

Clacton County High School – Teach Secondary p3

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National publicity for KLC school client

While many of our school clients are keen to raise their profile and boost their reputation locally, some already have that in hand and want to put themselves on the map nationally.

Clacton County High School, in Essex, is one of those schools. The local press already cover their good news well and so KLC were brought on board to spread the word further afield.

This month’s Teach Secondary – a national industry publication – features an article by a member of teaching staff at the school sharing their ideas for a unique lesson in modern foreign languages.

Take a look at the in-magazine and online publicity secured for the school by KLC…

Teach Secondary

Teach Secondary part 2

If your school, college, nursery or university could benefit from this kind of publicity, get in touch on to discuss our flexible PR services.

Parents and staff in touch with school news

A product we are very proud of at KLC is the school news magazine. Many of our school clients benefit from this product, bursting full of photos and stories of young people aiming high and achieving.

Our client the Sigma Trust, in Essex, is the latest to opt for a school news magazine, working with KLC to produce two publications – one aimed at parents, the other targeting staff and stakeholders. As a newly formed Trust, the magazine is a great way of introducing the community to the set-up of the group of schools and the journey they are on together.

The entire production of these magazines is handled by KLC, from the story creation, image gathering and page planning to the design, proofreading, print and delivery.

If your school or organisation could benefit from improved communication with its community, get in touch on to discuss our news magazines.

National education magazine features KLC school

We work with many school clients keen to not only boost their reputation among local families, but to also show the rest of the education community what they are capable of and achieving.

Our links with national education media means we can help our clients to share their expertise with all other schools around the country.

This month’s Teach Secondary magazine, which is delivered to schools nationwide, features a double-page spread publicising the talent at KLC client school Clacton County High, in Essex.

Take a read of the article here…

Clacton County High – Teach Secondary

Clacton County High – Teach Secondary

If your school could benefit from this kind of widespread, positive publicity, get in touch on to discuss our flexible PR services.

Academies to recognise students’ achievements

And the winner is…

Students from across Essex’s four Academies are planning their speeches in preparation for the second annual Oscar-style ceremony.

The Academies Enterprise Trust Awards will take place on Monday February 7 at the Cliffs Pavilion, in Southend.

Star students and staff from Greensward Academy, Hockley; Maltings Academy and New Rickstones Academy, both in Witham; and Clacton Coastal Academy, in Clacton; will be awarded for their efforts with seven trophies up for grabs for each school.

Host Jamie Benson, head of sixth form at Greensward, said: “We will be presenting community awards, specialism awards, services to the Academy awards, world class achievement awards, courage and team awards, plus awards for staff input.

“Staff and students have been nominated for these accolades and the winners will not be known until the night when the headteachers of each Academy will make the presentations.”

On the night, each Academy will perform a ten-minute music, drama or dance piece, before joining together to perform to We Are The Champions.

There will also be a display of art, photography and textiles work from students in the foyer.

The new London Academies have also been invited along to hear about their Essex counterparts’ achievements.

Mr Benson said: “This is about celebrating the success of the past year in areas not normally recognised by academic achievement.

“It is good to see what goes on at other schools and for the students to mix and become friends.”