KLC getting your news in print

At KLC, we help businesses, schools and organisations to get their good news published and their name out there in a positive light.

Our journalist, with more than 20 years’ experience, works closely with our clients to uncover the best stories which we know editors will be interested in publishing.

While some try their hand at getting their news in print, we often find the lack of knowledge of how to write a news story and an empty contact book leaves them struggling to get noticed.

When we picked up a story via social media about a tearoom seeking a mystery child customer who had stated on a feedback form they would like to work there one day, we knew there was a lovely regional story to be had. The business owner said they had struggled in recent times to get any news published and so hadn’t contacted the press on this occasion. One email to our contacts later and a news slot – ie free of charge – on page two of that week’s local newspaper had been secured!

Take a look at the coverage for Scrumptious Tearooms here…

Scrumptious Tearooms – Dunmow Broadcast

Other recent news coverage for our clients can be seen here…

Secure Haven – Chelmsford Weekly News

Maltings Academy – Essex Chronicle

Secure Haven – Chelmsford Weekly News

Maltings Academy – East Anglian Daily Times

If you are struggling to get your positive news published, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our flexible PR services.

Publicity sparks business inquiries for KLC client

Clients employ our PR services for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s about raising the profile of their company among a specific audience, while for others it’s in the hope of attracting inquiries and new customers.

So, we were thrilled a recent piece of publicity promoting our client Secure Haven Funeral Directors’ range of memorial products resulted in immediate inquiries from potential customers.

The article, written by our journalist, appeared in the Echo newspaper, in Essex, and encouraged readers to pick up the phone and contact Secure Haven – which they did.

Take a look at the article here…

Secure Haven – Echo

We have also helped to raise the profile of the company with other articles published both online and across the airwaves. Here are just the most recent…

Secure Haven – Phoenix FM

Secure Haven – Brentwood Live

If your company could benefit from a raised profile and / or new customers, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our PR services.

Extensive publicity for new PR client

Thrilled this week with the extensive coverage secured for our new PR client, Secure Haven Cremations.

The recently established funeral director, based in Margaretting, Essex, approached KLC with the desire to get the company name more widely known.

Paul & Cheryl Yarwood of Secure Haven Cremations

Paul & Cheryl Yarwood of Secure Haven Cremations

With such a personal story behind the reason for setting up the business, it was an obvious starting point with regards getting the company in the local media. With the company owners happy to discuss their back story, KLC were able to get them airtime on BBC Essex radio, as well as prominent coverage in newspapers and online.

Have a listen to the radio interview here…

BBC Essex radio (scroll to 01:09:00)

Read their story here…

Essex Chronicle website

Essex Chronicle

Essex Enquirer

Brentwood Weekly News

Chelmsford Weekly News

We look forward to helping Secure Haven Cremations to get further positive publicity in the future.

If your company could benefit from this kind of exposure, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our PR services.