News spreads of Russian adventure

KLC client John Dicken has made the headlines again after he returned from opening a restaurant in Russia.

Our article revealing all about his two-week trip appeared in the Braintree & Witham Times newspaper.

Take a look…

Chef’s Russian restaurant success

A KLC client who swapped Essex for Russia to help open a new restaurant has enjoyed the “experience of a lifetime”.

Chef client promotes new restaurant

Chef John Dicken braves the Russian winter

Chef John Dicken left behind his own bustling kitchen at Dickens Restaurant, at the Townsford mill, in Halstead, to head to Sakhalin, an island off the far eastern coast of Russia. He was invited there for a two-week visit to relaunch Café No1 restaurant against a background of Russian winter weather.

John, who trained at the Connaught Hotel in London and has run his own restaurants in his 37-year career, found the trip provided a wealth of new experiences and challenges.

He said: “It was so easy to be distracted by wanting to be a tourist and photograph everything. My first impression of the island as we flew in was of chunks of ice floating in the sea. I later learnt many fatalities are caused when the 15ft icicles melt and drop from the rooftops.”

However, the intrepid chef spent much of his time in the kitchen implementing the new menus he had designed and teaching the young kitchen team to create the new dishes. Photographs were taken of the finished dishes to act as reminders for the team when he left.  

He said: “I was helpless without my interpreter; no English was spoken by the kitchen team. But they made up for it by their hard work and dedication.  The head chef Tanya would arrive each morning impressively dressed from head to toe in fur before changing into her chef whites for a long day’s work. I was made to feel so welcome and I like to think that as a team we built up quite a bond in the time I was there.”

As John and his Russian team worked towards the opening night, he had to grapple with the availability of fresh produce and unfamiliar kitchen equipment.

At times, he was surprised at what he saw: “They don’t use plugs in the kitchen sinks, the water is allowed to just keep flowing. That is something which would never happen in my kitchen; it would give me sleepless nights!”

The local Russian media showed a keen interest in John and the relaunch of Café No1. His TV interviews made him a familiar face in the town.

He said: “I received such a warm reception from everyone. There is a real interest in food out there; the Russians have very healthy appetites, enjoying a full lunch and dinner most days. Domestic cooking is very important in the family, but increasingly they are looking to eat out – good news for Café No 1!”

John dined in the restaurant of Café No 1 at the end of his stay which made him feel proud and quite emotional as he reflected on what had been achieved by the Russian kitchen team against some very interesting odds.

The chef is now keen to return to fine tune the operation. He said: “I would love to return, always happy to repeat a trip of a lifetime!”

PR campaign for chef earns full page coverage

Press release for chef appears in local newspaper
KLC press release for Essex chef appears in Brentwood Gazette

We are delighted this week to earn some well-deserved coverage for our Halstead chef, John Dicken, who is in Russia opening a new restaurant. KLC spent time interviewing John, before writing a feature about his exciting project.

The Brentwood Gazette and Essex Chronicle newspapers have given over a full page to the story, plus image supplied by KLC, in this week’s editions.
We cannot wait to hear from John about how the grand opening went!

Client’s success goes global

Chef John Dicken
Chef John Dicken perfects his dishes ready for Russia

If you can’t stand the heat….then head to where it’s minus 30 degrees!

Essex chef and KLC client John Dicken is jumping from the frying pan and into the fire as he swaps his own bustling kitchen at Dickens Restaurant, Halstead, for the unknown world which awaits him in Russia.

Fine dining expert John this weekend flies across the vast expanse of Siberia to Sakhalin, an island off the far eastern coast of Russia, to open a restaurant.

Not only will the country and language be new to him, but it will be the first time he has seen the restaurant, Café No1, and met the people who will be cooking and serving his dishes there.

He said: “I was approached by a Russian client who dines at Dickens Restaurant and who runs the marketing for the Sakhalin restaurant owner. I was offered the opportunity to help revamp the place and relaunch the menu.

“The experience will be fantastic!”

John, 53, has been in the industry for 37 years, having trained at the Connaught Hotel, in London, before working in France and Switzerland. Along the way, he has won AA Rosettes and created a name for himself as a highly successful chef.

He opened his first restaurant, Dickens Brasserie, in Weathersfield on 1989 and the White Hart, Great Yeldham, in 2000. Eventually, having sold both restaurants, John took on his next challenge – renovating the Townsford Mill, in Halstead, and creating Dickens Restaurant Café Bar.

However, despite his many years of experience, John has been met with a wealth of new challenges with the Russian project.

He said: “I have helped to design the new kitchen and create the menu. They had very classic Russian dishes on the old menu, but the country is changing and they would like to embrace some European culinary styles. I have kept an element of the old menu as you can’t go in to any business and just kill everything. For example, the Russians, not surprisingly, like soup because of the weather so that will stay. They have requested, however, demonstrations in pasta-making. Sometimes change has to be gradual and we will rely on customer reaction to help make the business successful.

“I have introduced a modern menu with food which is beautifully presented. That said, we have had some difficulty in getting certain ingredients for the dishes. Translation has not always been easy, it has required more than a look in the Rough Guide to Russia! I have had to wonder what fresh products can be sourced. So, when I arrive, I will be going around the markets with the chef and team to see exactly what is easily available.

“Just to make it more interesting, I will be there during one of the coldest months of the year!”

John will then concentrate on training the chef and his ten self-taught team members on how to create the fine dining dishes on the new menu. Together, during the visit, they will serve the new dishes to 300 dignitaries and business people and officially open Café No1.

He said: “What will give me enormous pleasure is taking people, who may not have had a great deal of training, who are hungry for knowledge and being able to share my skills with them.

“But, I need to bear in mind I will have to quickly take on board certain Russian cultural tastes, for example how they like their meat cooked. It will be no good me serving them food they do not want to eat.”

Despite a few nerves, the chef is simply proud of his work.

He said: “My career has done me proud. I get up every day and want to come to work. A lot of guys my age are ready to enjoy what they have achieved, but I cannot resist this new challenge; it is beyond my wildest dreams.”