Providing PR services to multi-academy trust

School may be out for summer, but there was no sign of our clients winding down during July.

We work with BMAT, the multi-academy Trust, to secure positive publicity for its schools in Harlow, Epping and Stansted in Essex and Newham in London.

Our journalist spends two days each week within the schools to gather up positive articles to write and share with the local, national and education media.

In July, we secured a slot on BBC Essex for BMAT school Forest Hall Academy.

Have a listen here…

Take a look at some of the other publicity secured for BMAT during July here…

BMAT – YourHarlow

Epping St John’s School – Epping Forest Guardian

Burnt Mill Academy / Roydon Primary Academy – Harlow Star

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy – YourHarlow

BMAT / BMAT STEM Academy / Burnt Mill Academy – Harlow Star

Freshwaters Primary Academy – YourHarlow

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy – Harlow Star

Burnt Mill Academy – YourHarlow

Freshwaters Primary Academy / BMAT / Burnt Mill Academy – Harlow Star

Burnt Mill Academy – YourHarlow

Magna Carta Primary Academy – Dunmow Broadcast

Burnt Mill Academy – YourHarlow

Magna Carta Primary Academy – Herts & Essex Observer

We also produce a monthly publication to keep colleagues and stakeholders within BMAT up to date with the latest updates, news and achievements…

If your school or multi-academy trust could benefit from a boost in positive publicity, get in touch on to discuss our flexible PR services.

Radio coverage for KLC school client

We work tirelessly each week to earn our school clients positive publicity in the local, regional, national and education media.

So, we were thrilled this week when we secured a 12-minute slot on BBC Essex radio for our client school, Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow, Essex.

We arranged for the school’s director of performing arts to be interviewed on air, along with the new rap tutor the story was focused on.

The countywide coverage gave our client some fantastic publicity for their unique piece of work.

Have a listen here…

If your school could benefit from publicity like this, get in touch on to discuss our flexible PR services.

Publicity sparks business inquiries for KLC client

Clients employ our PR services for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s about raising the profile of their company among a specific audience, while for others it’s in the hope of attracting inquiries and new customers.

So, we were thrilled a recent piece of publicity promoting our client Secure Haven Funeral Directors’ range of memorial products resulted in immediate inquiries from potential customers.

The article, written by our journalist, appeared in the Echo newspaper, in Essex, and encouraged readers to pick up the phone and contact Secure Haven – which they did.

Take a look at the article here…

Secure Haven – Echo

We have also helped to raise the profile of the company with other articles published both online and across the airwaves. Here are just the most recent…

Secure Haven – Phoenix FM

Secure Haven – Brentwood Live

If your company could benefit from a raised profile and / or new customers, get in touch on to discuss our PR services.

Extensive publicity for new PR client

Thrilled this week with the extensive coverage secured for our new PR client, Secure Haven Cremations.

The recently established funeral director, based in Margaretting, Essex, approached KLC with the desire to get the company name more widely known.

Paul & Cheryl Yarwood of Secure Haven Cremations

Paul & Cheryl Yarwood of Secure Haven Cremations

With such a personal story behind the reason for setting up the business, it was an obvious starting point with regards getting the company in the local media. With the company owners happy to discuss their back story, KLC were able to get them airtime on BBC Essex radio, as well as prominent coverage in newspapers and online.

Have a listen to the radio interview here…

BBC Essex radio (scroll to 01:09:00)

Read their story here…

Essex Chronicle website

Essex Chronicle

Essex Enquirer

Brentwood Weekly News

Chelmsford Weekly News

We look forward to helping Secure Haven Cremations to get further positive publicity in the future.

If your company could benefit from this kind of exposure, get in touch on to discuss our PR services.

Third front page in a week for KLC articles – and radio coverage!

Not only did our work make the covers of two newspapers last week, but no less than THREE of our stories made the front page of the press this week!

Page one of the Harlow Star newspaper this week features three stories written by our journalist to promote our school clients.

One is part two of the PR campaign we are running in support of our education trust client’s mission to gather support for its plans to build a brand new school in Harlow, Essex – which made page one of two newspapers last week!

Take a look here…

Harlow Star front page

The front page was among a much larger selection of positive publicity secured by KLC for various school clients this week…

Harlow Star – three KLC stories!



Dunmow Broadcast – Forest Hall School

Herts & Essex Observer – Forest Hall School

Herts & Essex Observer – Forest Hall School

BBC Essex radio also covered a story submitted to them by KLC this week…

If you are keen to secure this kind of publicity for your school, get in touch on to discuss our flexible PR services.

Great Dunmow school publicity

Once a fortnight, our journalist sets up camp at The Helena Romanes School, in Great Dunmow, Essex. While there, teachers, staff and students report their good news to us so it can be communicated to the local press.

Our journalist writes the articles and releases them to local newspapers and radio stations with a view to gaining the client positive publicity.

We operate this Media Consultant service in and around Essex and help schools to increase their student numbers by helping them to boost their reputation.

Here are our most recent pieces of publicity for our Great Dunmow school…

HRS Birmingham trip

HRS Grease show

HRS charity dance

HRS science award

Get in touch today on to discuss your requirements.

Harlow schools hit the headlines

We are proud to act as Media Consultant for three schools in Harlow, Essex.

One of those schools – Burnt Mill Academy – was recently named in the Ofsted annual report as one of only three in the eastern region which is bucking the national trend and hitting its targets.

We were delighted to share this news with the local press and it made a great story in the Harlow Star newspaper…KLC client school named among top in UK

Our journalist visits all of our Harlow schools each month to work with headteachers, teachers and students to put together press releases to gain positive publicity in the media.

Here are a few more of our articles – for Burnt Mill and Roydon Primary Academy – in the Harlow Star newspaper…

Burnt Mill Academy in the Harlow Star

Burnt Mill Academy and Roydon Primary Academy news in Harlow Star

If you know of a school which could benefit from positive publicity in the local media, get in touch on to discuss our flexible PR services. We also produce news brochures, leaflets and website content for our schools.


School spy news hits the airwaves

We’re over-the-moon with yet more great coverage for our article on a school client’s fun summer activities.

We released an article, written by our journalist, on the spy school being run at Maltings Academy, in Witham, Essex, to all local media. The story made a whole page of coverage in the Essex Chronicle newspaper (see earlier post), as well as being used as an item on BBC Essex radio.

Have a listen to how our press release was used on the radio here… Maltings Academy spy school on BBC Essex radio

Radio air time for school client

Delighted this week to have secured a chunk of radio air time on the popular Dave Monk breakfast show on BBC Essex for one of our school clients.

Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow, Essex, has launched a course to inspire teenagers to take up a career in teaching.

Our journalist attended a launch meeting at the school, where we provide PR services, and released an article to the media.

The radio station’s producers responded by asking us to provide an interviewee for the show.

Have a listen to headteacher Helena Mills talking to Dave Monk on yesterday’s breakfast show, at 1.04.00 into the recording…

If your school could benefit from positive publicity like this, drop us a line at to find out about our flexible PR services.

High praise from school principal

We very much enjoy our work with our numerous school clients.

Acting as Media Consultant, our journalist spends a lot of time in schools, getting to know staff and students to find stories to release to newspapers, radio and television.

Schools know this work is important if they are to develop or keep a positive reputation and fill their places.

One school which wholeheartedly believes in the part KLC has to play in their success is Maltings Academy, in Witham, Essex.

We are delighted with the testimonial written by principal John Szynal. Take a look… Maltings Academy testimonial