Client shimmies way into headlines

Not only did our client Essex Zumba manage to raise thousands of pounds for charity last year, they also attracted some great newspaper coverage, too!

We’re delighted our article, written by our journalist, was published in the Maldon & Burnham Standard newspaper over the Christmas holiday.

Take a look at the great coverage we managed to secure for them…Essex Zumba in Maldon & Burnham Standard

Great response to zumba PR

We are delighted with the coverage given to our client Essex Zumba by local newspaper, the Essex Chronicle this week.

As PR manager for Essex Zumba, we invited the newspaper along to their latest fundraising event. A photographer went along to record the evening and a reporter called our client Joani St Cliere to develop our article further.

The result was this wonderful full page article in this week’s newspaper…Essex Zumba in Essex Chronicle

Zumbathon good PR for client

PR Chelmsford
Essex Zumba members after their ZumBRAthon

Essex Zumba has a huge following of members from Chelmsford through to Burnham, Essex.

So, when owner and our client Joani St Cliere decided to give something back to her community, the zumbathon was born.
As PR manager for Essex Zumba, we not only write the articles and secure the publicity…we join the party, too! Our journalist Kelly can be seen in this photo…but can you spot her?
Read about the fundraising successes of Essex Zumba here…Essex Zumba fundraising

Clever coverage from competition

A popular service we offer our clients is the newspaper promotion.

Client Essex Zumba is the latest to take us up on the service to earn clever newspaper coverage. We can secure clients guaranteed newspaper space, using text written by our journalist, plus a front page link.

Take a look at the Essex Zumba promotion in the Essex Enquirer…Essex Zumba newspaper promo

Becoming part of the team

What a lovely way to end a week…with a glowing testimonial from a happy client!
We act as PR Manager for Essex Zumba, releasing regular press releases on their behalf to newspapers around Essex.
We pride ourselves on becoming part of our clients’ team, acting as an outsourced PR manager or copywriter.
So, these comments from Joani St Cliere, of Essex Zumba, in response to our latest press release are a delight: “I LOVE this piece!

“You are, as always, an absolute star and an asset to me as a friend and a PR Manager!”
And thank you, Joani, for your ongoing business and support!

Zumba Babes news spreads

Word of the launch of a Zumba demo team is spreading, thanks to our PR campaign.

KLC acts as PR Manager for Essex Zumba and its new touring troupe, Essex Zumba Babes.

Our article, written by our journalist, appears on Essex community website, AboutMyArea.

Take a look…

Zumba Babes hit the road

As the Zumba craze sweeps the nation, enthusiasts from around Essex are hitting the road to show off their moves…and raise money for charity.

KLC acts as PR Manager for Essex Zumba and this week released a press release promoting the formation of a demonstration team, Essex Zumba Babes.

PR Essex

Kelly joins Essex Zumba Babes

KLC joined the Babes as they performed their first demonstration in Chelmsford High Street. The press release copywritten by us has now been released to all local media.

Read the full article here, along with details of a Zumba Summer Spectacular…Essex Zumba Babes

Essex-wide audience for Zumba warning

Our health and safety warning to Zumba fans from client Joani St Cliere has been heard across the Essex county after our press release was this week published in the Essex Enquirer newspaper.

The county-wide newspaper has an estimated readership of 180,000 so we are delighted to have secured a large slot for our client.

See page 28 of the current edition…

Warning heard across mid Essex

Newspaper prints article on Zumba fitness
KLC article in Essex Chronicle newspaper

Our client, Joani St Cliere, has had her voice heard in the local press, thanks to our recent press release.

Joani, an experienced fitness teacher and back specialist, issued a warning to Zumba fans to be aware of classes being run by inexperienced instructors with little health and safety training.
Our article appears in this week’s Essex Chronicle newspaper, which serves mid Essex, on page 7.

Safety warning to Zumba fans

A highly trained back specialist and fitness professional has issued a caution to anyone looking to join the latest dance craze.

As the Zumba dance fitness phenomenon sweeps the nation, KLC client Joani St Cliere is concerned about the number of classes being launched by new-comers with little or no experience of safely leading class workouts.

Joani, who has waiting lists for her 16 classes each week, revealed anyone can become a Zumba instructor by paying £180 to get a qualification after a one-day course. Although instructors are encouraged to gain a recognised fitness qualification before starting classes, this is not forced upon them.

This, she fears, does not qualify a complete novice to be responsible for students’ health and safety.

She said: “People see how busy my classes are and they want a piece of it. What they do not realise is I have been teaching for 15 years so I have a ready-made following.  When I started out, I had a class of eight people, five of whom were family! It is only all these years down the line I am able to fill a hall with more than 100 class members at a time.”

PR for zumba fitness instructor Joani St Cliere

Joani St Cliere teaches Zumba

Joani, who lives in Mayland and teaches in Maldon, Chelmsford, Danbury, Burnham and Woodham as well as at retreats in Turkey, Greece, Mexico and Sri Lanka, danced as a teenager before training as an aerobic and fitness instructor and studying to teach yoga, pilates, ante and post natal and martial arts.

Taking her career to the next step, Joani has become one of just six specialists in the industry to qualify as a Level 4 back pain specialist.

Joani, the first Zumba teacher in Essex, said: “There’s a difference between being an instructor and a teacher. I have done a lot of teacher training and am a qualified trainer of teachers. I have also done a degree in learning psychology.

“I believe imparting important information to my students is vital. People leaving class having learnt something other than a routine is important to me.

“So many people have back problems, so I wanted to know when they came to me with a query or if I saw them doing something in the wrong way, I was qualified to deal with it. I spend time shadowing an osteopath so I am constantly learning and am aware of people’s safety.”

Her expert knowledge and experience has seen her become the first in the area to take Zumba to the next level, by launching Zumba Toning and Zumba Gold classes this month.

The Toning classes combine targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves, while the Gold sessions are modified to suit beginners, active older students or those recovering from injury or operations.

Visit to find out more.

What is Zumba?

Zumba was born in America in 2001 and fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a fitness programme which burns calories in a party atmosphere. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt the body while burning fat.

But, according to teacher Joani St Cliere, it is not just for the young and beautiful.

She said: “There is a misconception that you have to look like the Latin beauties to enjoy Zumba. That is not the case. There is something for everybody. It is just a fantastic way of exercising to such uplifting music. You certainly do not need to be a size zero dancer to join in. Everyone can get something out of it!”