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Front page publicity for KLC school client!

Thrilled today to have secured the front page of a new client’s local newspaper, earning them wonderful publicity.

We recently started working with Nightingale Academy, in London, with the mission of helping to boost the improving school’s reputation and, over time, increase student numbers.

The first step was to interview the principal who was brought in to the school 18 months ago to turn around its fortunes. Our journalist produced a strong story talking about the journey so far and the principal’s promise to make the once struggling school Ofsted-rated Outstanding.

Our first attempt at gaining publicity for the school resulted in a front page splash on this week’s Enfield Independent newspaper – an incredible result for a school which has not featured in the press for some time.

Have a read of the full story here… Enfield Independent

If your school, college, nursery or university could benefit from this kind of publicity, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our flexible PR services.


National publicity for KLC school client

While many of our school clients are keen to raise their profile and boost their reputation locally, some already have that in hand and want to put themselves on the map nationally.

Clacton County High School, in Essex, is one of those schools. The local press already cover their good news well and so KLC were brought on board to spread the word further afield.

This month’s Teach Secondary – a national industry publication – features an article by a member of teaching staff at the school sharing their ideas for a unique lesson in modern foreign languages.

Take a look at the in-magazine and online publicity secured for the school by KLC…

Teach Secondary

Teach Secondary part 2

If your school, college, nursery or university could benefit from this kind of publicity, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our flexible PR services.

Parents and staff in touch with school news

A product we are very proud of at KLC is the school news magazine. Many of our school clients benefit from this product, bursting full of photos and stories of young people aiming high and achieving.

Our client the Sigma Trust, in Essex, is the latest to opt for a school news magazine, working with KLC to produce two publications – one aimed at parents, the other targeting staff and stakeholders. As a newly formed Trust, the magazine is a great way of introducing the community to the set-up of the group of schools and the journey they are on together.

The entire production of these magazines is handled by KLC, from the story creation, image gathering and page planning to the design, proofreading, print and delivery.

If your school or organisation could benefit from improved communication with its community, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our news magazines.

KLC school features in Guardian article

While our school clients are predominantly interested in securing local publicity to help attract new students, they are also keen to spread the word about their work to a national audience.

So, when our contacts on the Guardian newspaper were looking to feature schools who locally source their food, we knew we had just the case study.

As a result, KLC client school Maltings Academy, in Essex, features in the online article.

Have a read here… The Guardian – Maltings Academy

If you are looking to shout about the good work of your school regionally or nationally, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our flexible PR services or to outline your unique story.

National education magazine features KLC school

We work with many school clients keen to not only boost their reputation among local families, but to also show the rest of the education community what they are capable of and achieving.

Our links with national education media means we can help our clients to share their expertise with all other schools around the country.

This month’s Teach Secondary magazine, which is delivered to schools nationwide, features a double-page spread publicising the talent at KLC client school Clacton County High, in Essex.

Take a read of the article here…

Clacton County High – Teach Secondary

Clacton County High – Teach Secondary

If your school could benefit from this kind of widespread, positive publicity, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our flexible PR services.

KLC getting your news in print

At KLC, we help businesses, schools and organisations to get their good news published and their name out there in a positive light.

Our journalist, with more than 20 years’ experience, works closely with our clients to uncover the best stories which we know editors will be interested in publishing.

While some try their hand at getting their news in print, we often find the lack of knowledge of how to write a news story and an empty contact book leaves them struggling to get noticed.

When we picked up a story via social media about a tearoom seeking a mystery child customer who had stated on a feedback form they would like to work there one day, we knew there was a lovely regional story to be had. The business owner said they had struggled in recent times to get any news published and so hadn’t contacted the press on this occasion. One email to our contacts later and a news slot – ie free of charge – on page two of that week’s local newspaper had been secured!

Take a look at the coverage for Scrumptious Tearooms here…

Scrumptious Tearooms – Dunmow Broadcast

Other recent news coverage for our clients can be seen here…

Secure Haven – Chelmsford Weekly News

Maltings Academy – Essex Chronicle

Secure Haven – Chelmsford Weekly News

Maltings Academy – East Anglian Daily Times

If you are struggling to get your positive news published, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our flexible PR services.

The Sun publishes KLC story online

We work closely with contacts within the national media to pass on stories which are quirky, original or simply a little different.

Our journalists are always on the look-out for stories which the national editors might be interested in.

This week, we were pleased to see The Sun newspaper publish a story of ours on its news website.

Take a look at the fun story here…

The Sun – photo fails

If you believe you have a story which the national press may be interested in publishing, get in touch with details on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk


National publicity for new education trust client

It’s always great to secure brilliant publicity for a brand new client at the first attempt.

So, this two-page feature in a national education magazine is a real feather in our caps as we work to promote schools within the Sigma Trust. Liaising with our close contacts on Teach Secondary magazine, which goes into every secondary school in the country, we were able to arrange this wonderful opportunity for The Stanway School, with one of its teachers producing a lesson plan to inspire others.

Take a look at the feature here…

Stanway School – Teach Secondary

Stanway School – Teach Secondary

If you are keen to promote your school, college, university or education trust, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our flexible PR services.

Publicity sparks business inquiries for KLC client

Clients employ our PR services for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s about raising the profile of their company among a specific audience, while for others it’s in the hope of attracting inquiries and new customers.

So, we were thrilled a recent piece of publicity promoting our client Secure Haven Funeral Directors’ range of memorial products resulted in immediate inquiries from potential customers.

The article, written by our journalist, appeared in the Echo newspaper, in Essex, and encouraged readers to pick up the phone and contact Secure Haven – which they did.

Take a look at the article here…

Secure Haven – Echo

We have also helped to raise the profile of the company with other articles published both online and across the airwaves. Here are just the most recent…

Secure Haven – Phoenix FM

Secure Haven – Brentwood Live

If your company could benefit from a raised profile and / or new customers, get in touch on words@kellylouiseclark.co.uk to discuss our PR services.

Glowing testimonial from Hertfordshire Mercury senior editor

We were thrilled this week to receive this glowing testimonial as a result of providing six months of writing support to Herts & Essex News.

Our journalist Kelly Clark devoted time each week to producing content to fill pages on the Hertfordshire Mercury, Herts & Essex Observer and Harlow Star newspapers.

Senior editor Julie Palmer said: “Kelly worked as a reporter for Herts & Essex News and Media for an extended period during 2016.

“Her experience shone through and she proved to be a valuable member of the team, always producing accurate copy in a professional and timely manner.

“She received a number of emails of thanks from people she had written about, which is almost unheard of in this line of work!”

Thank you, Julie, for the kind words. It was our pleasure!